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Why You NEED To Vent!

Posted on 05.17.13 by Wendy Wygle

At Above It All, we believe the more you learn, the more you end up saving yourself money (and even some stress!) in the long run. When it comes to getting a new roof, you MUST look at more than … Continue reading

Roof Appeal

Posted on 05.08.13 by Wendy Wygle

As a homeowner, we care about curb appeal. We change the paint color, update landscaping, or add new touches of shutters or lighting to give our house an instant update. But what about the icing on the house? Something that … Continue reading

Raising the Roof

Posted on 04.18.13 by Wendy Wygle

Since we came into the roofing industry, we’ve always joked about raising the roof every now and then. (As I’m sure most in the industry do!) But we will forever have a different outlook on that term after the storm … Continue reading

Storm Damage

Posted on 04.18.13 by Wendy Wygle

If you are in the Bixby to Broken Arrow area, chances are you encountered hail at least 1” or larger and some winds 50mph or higher, which means you may have storm damage. You might be thinking now you can … Continue reading

Severe Weather Alert

Posted on 04.17.13 by Wendy Wygle

Well you can definitely tell it is spring time here in Oklahoma! Minus the whole going back and forth to cold, almost winter like temperatures, it seems like we are having weather alerts every other day! I don’t know about … Continue reading

One ‘Hail’ of An Upside

Posted on 04.09.13 by Wendy Wygle

Until someone figures out how to control Mother Nature, it’s pretty safe to say that it is inevitable that you will experience a hail storm while living in Oklahoma. Sure you can go out of town or move if you … Continue reading

Pan In the Attic

Posted on 04.02.13 by Wendy Wygle

Every time it’s a rainy day, it takes me back to when I was younger. We sold our home and moved to a new town. We were renting a home from a family friend and I was pretty ecstatic. It … Continue reading

Been Through Hail?

Posted on 03.30.13 by Wendy Wygle

You would think us Oklahomans would be used to major storms by now, but with each one our anxiety starts to take over where our Oklahoma experience lies. Throw in every second, a flood of roofers hounding you, it can … Continue reading

Why Hire A GAF Master Elite Roofer In Tulsa

Posted on 03.29.13 by Wendy Wygle

Master Elite Roofer In Tulsa When you are preparing to re-roof in Tulsa you want a contractor with the highest level of skill and competence. The roofing industry is rated as one of the most volatile in terms of injuries, … Continue reading

DIY Projects That Take Less Than An Hour

Posted on 03.27.13 by Wendy Wygle

Spring is the best time for all of those DIY home improvement projects you put off all through winter, but just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean you suddenly have extra free time. If you’re a parent with a … Continue reading

Prevent Extra Costs On Your DIY Projects With Planning

Posted on 03.27.13 by Wendy Wygle

I’m always trying to find ways to save money while sprucing up my home and normally this comes in the way of DIY tricks or simpler projects than normal. But, there are a few ways to take on any DIY … Continue reading

Lazy Home Improvement Projects To Boost Curb Appeal

Posted on 03.26.13 by Wendy Wygle

When you think of home improvement projects, you probably imagine a lot of time, effort, and money spent. This doesn’t always have to be the case. There are plenty of simple renovations homeowners can do that will save you money … Continue reading

Save Money On Your Spring Cleaning

Posted on 03.25.13 by Wendy Wygle

It might not feel like it at the moment, but before we know it we will be in the midst of spring cleaning and home improvement. However, many have trouble finding the time and the money to do everything they … Continue reading

Oklahoma House Committee Approves Roofing Bond Proposal

Posted on 03.25.13 by Wendy Wygle

Oklahoma legislators are working to protect homeowners from less scrupulous or fraudulent roofers, especially those who flock into the state after severe weather in order to take advantage of those affected. An Oklahoma House committee approved a proposal that would require roofers to buy … Continue reading

“Weather” You’re Ready or Not…

Posted on 03.22.13 by Wendy Wygle

  Spring is upon us! A few weeks ago it was time to do everyone’s favorite thing and “Spring forward.” Personally, in our home and business, we like the time change. It allows for longer daylight in the evenings, which means we get … Continue reading

Breaking Down The Standard Shingle Warranty

Posted on 03.20.13 by Wendy Wygle

No one likes to actually read a warranty. It’s like reading the terms of use for iTunes. You assume everything is in order and move on, because they are normally abnormally long and written in a strange legal language that … Continue reading

University of Virginia Students Give Free Roofs To Homeowners

Posted on 03.20.13 by Wendy Wygle

When one imagines college students on spring break, they usually imagine the type of bacchanalia fueled by alcohol, drugs, and intense heat that would make some 80′s hair bands blush, but a group of students from the University of Virginia … Continue reading

Learn Some Basics Before Starting A Roofing Project

Posted on 03.19.13 by Wendy Wygle

For the average homeowner, the hardest part of getting a new roof is trying to learn the new roofing language contractors speak. There are so many ways to rainproof, windproof, and make your roof look like a Spanish villa’s, it … Continue reading

The Better Business Bureau Offers Tips On Hiring Contractors

Posted on 03.19.13 by Wendy Wygle

It’s no secret that the home improvement industry doesn’t have the best reputation thanks to a handful of fly-by-night, shady “contractors” who either put in shoddy work, tack on exorbitant extra charges, or just force customers to pay upfront before disappearing. These … Continue reading

Cool Roofs Don’t Work So Well Up North

Posted on 03.18.13 by Wendy Wygle

Cool roofs are quickly becoming a popular trend, though they’ve been in use for over fifteen years, as they are believed to help improve home energy efficiency by keeping homes cooler in the summer, thus saving homeowners on cooling bills. … Continue reading

Harness Troubling Stormwater Runoff With Rainscaping

Posted on 03.13.13 by Wendy Wygle

Stormwater runoff can be a significant problem for homeowners. The water can cause flooding which can lead to yards, leaking basements, and polluted water sources. Not to mention, if it isn’t properly flowing off of a roof, it can cause leaks. Instead … Continue reading

Choosing What Spring Home Improvement Projects To Tackle

Posted on 03.13.13 by Wendy Wygle

Spring isn’t quite here yet, though it is close enough for me to be excited about the upcoming season. For home improvement lovers, spring means spring cleaning, exciting new projects, and ultimately a great looking house. But how do you … Continue reading

How To Quiet Your Hot Water Radiator Down

Posted on 03.12.13 by Wendy Wygle

Is noise from your hot water radiator keeping you up? Air often sneaks into radiators over time. Radiators completely filled with water won’t make any noise, but if much air at all gets in, the water flowing inside will begin … Continue reading

Get Your Energy Directly From Green Roofing

Posted on 03.12.13 by Wendy Wygle

Everyone knows that you can grow plants on a roof, and that you can get energy from solar panels on a roof, but what if you could get energy directly from plants growing out of a roof? That’s what researchers … Continue reading

Seaweed Makes Great Insulation

Posted on 03.11.13 by Wendy Wygle

For many that live along the coast, seaweed is nothing but a hassle. At best, it is a protein filled part of sushi. But, seaweed has many characteristics that some building materials would envy. It is practically non-flammable, mold resistant, … Continue reading

Google Adds Massive Green Roofs As Part Of New Extension

Posted on 03.08.13 by Wendy Wygle

    The United States may be behind a lot of other developed nations when it comes to adopting green roofs, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t making great strides towards implementing and innovating green roofing. Google doesn’t like to … Continue reading

DIY Concrete Repair

Posted on 03.08.13 by Wendy Wygle

DIY-ers are usually the type of people that leap into projects, even when it seems intimidating, and sometimes bite off more than they can chew. Homeowners try to take on roofing, drywall repair, plumbing, and anything else they think they … Continue reading

Tips For Picking The Right Contractor

Posted on 03.05.13 by Wendy Wygle

With all the reports of roofing scammers taking advantage of homeowners, it is always good to share tips on how to look for honest contractors to help you remodel your home. Many consider picking a contractor to be a scary … Continue reading

DIY Roofing is Possible If You Take Safety Precautions

Posted on 03.04.13 by Wendy Wygle

DIY roofing is possible if you are experienced with the tools you will be handling, but no one should consider ever stepping out on the roof until you have all the best safety practices down. Even simple jobs can be … Continue reading

How To Prevent Wood Rot In Your Home

Posted on 02.28.13 by Wendy Wygle

For one reason or another, wood rot is a growing problem for homeowners. It has become such a problem, and a common question, that Tim Carter decided to address the issue in his column for the Chicago Tribune. There are … Continue reading

Spring Home Maintenance Suggestions

Posted on 02.28.13 by Wendy Wygle

While it seems like winter just finally made its way to the Tulsa area, there still isn’t long before spring gets here and everyone’s home improvement spirit kicks into overdrive. While there are thousands of add-ons, redecorations  and renovations you can … Continue reading

Get Your New Home Inspected Before Buying

Posted on 02.27.13 by Wendy Wygle

Looking to buy a new home can lead to getting your dream house or it can be the beginning of a nightmare. New homeowners often don’t no what to look for, and there are endless horror stories out there about … Continue reading

Building a Home Which Grows and Changes With You

Posted on 02.27.13 by Wendy Wygle

If you are planning on building a new house you have lots of options, and thus lots of decisions to make. Some out there have trouble making such permanent decisions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just build a … Continue reading

DIY Projects You Can Do With Less Than $10

Posted on 02.27.13 by Wendy Wygle

Just about any home improvement project is going to cost you some money. Depending on the scale of your goal, you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a DIY project pretty easily. Some even spend thousands. But, the reason … Continue reading

Great Ideas From Home Improvement Bloggers

Posted on 02.26.13 by Wendy Wygle

While bloggers tend to get a bad rep thanks to the extremely biased political writers and too-cool-for-you hipsters, but the DIY home improvement industry has been growing steadily for the past few years with a lot of credit going to … Continue reading

Keep Your Plants Safe From Weather With A Cold Frame

Posted on 02.26.13 by Wendy Wygle

Having a garden in a colder climate can be tough. You have to battle off frost and use heated green houses if you want your plants to make it through even the beginning of autumn. But, not everyone can afford … Continue reading

MIT Helps Consumers Estimate Solar Panel Performance

Posted on 02.25.13 by Wendy Wygle

  One of the major reasons homeowners have been reluctant to adopt solar power is uncertainty whether they will see an actual return on their investment when the bills start coming in. To try to help answer that question  many major … Continue reading

Home Improvement Projects To Take On For Fun

Posted on 02.25.13 by Wendy Wygle

There are so many articles out there about how to improve curb appeal and livability, and even maintenance. These are all important reasons to do some home improvement work, but what about projects that are just fun and rewarding to … Continue reading

Tools Every Beginner Needs To Own

Posted on 02.25.13 by Wendy Wygle

Every DIY-er should own a few tools, but once you get past tape measures, paint rollers, a level, and a few other simple tools, it is hard to know what tools will help you outside of your immediate future. Sure … Continue reading

How To Measure Roof Pitch

Posted on 02.22.13 by Wendy Wygle

When considering what material you want to cover your roof with, there is a lot to keep in mind. Energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics are all big factors. What about roof pitch?  The angle of your roof can be a … Continue reading

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