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Frequently asked roofing questions are a useful resource when you are considering installing a new roof.

Main FAQ

Q: How do I know if I need a new roof?

A: In many cases it is not hard to spot roof damage (GAF Do I Need a New Roof?). When shingles are exposed to severe weather, the asphalt layer shrinks and deteriorates. Consequently, the shingle hardens, becomes brittle and results in:

  • Cupped or curled edges
  • Hairline cracks, appearing in random patterns throughout a shingle
  • Splitting that results in horizontal, vertical or diagonal cracks
  • Splices that leave a double thickness of mat that does not allow the remaining layers of the shingle to be properly formed
  • Blisters, resulting in pockmarks in the shingle
  • Discolored streaks or patches caused by lichens or algae (moss & algae damage)
  • Diagonally patterned deterioration
  • Rounded or horseshoe shaped areas where granules are compressed into the asphalt coating
  • Hail damage that produces a random pattern of strike marks in various sizes or bruises

If you observe any of these warning signs on your roof, our experienced roofing experts can schedule a free inspection and evaluation of your roof. If we find damage, we’ll quote you a reasonable estimate and advise you on how to best replace that damaged roof. Then, one of our skilled, roof replacement crews will fix your roof as efficiently and promptly as possible.

In many cases, your insurance may provide help getting a new roof in the event of roof damage caused by storm, hail, wind, fire, or other covered loss.

Q: Will my homeowners insurance pay for my new roof?

A: Whether or not your insurer will agree to replace your roof depends on your particular insurance company and the terms of your individual policy. Normally, you are covered if your roof sustains wind damage from turbulent weather, hail damage or other qualifying event. General wear and tear is NOT usually covered. We are knowledgeable when it comes to insurance companies and their policies. You can rely on us to give you solid advice about your insurance qualifications. We will work on your behalf with your insurance claim helping you save as much time and money as possible.

Q: How quickly should I schedule a roof inspection after a major weather event?

A:Any major weather event or even a minor weather event can prove to be extremely damaging to your roof, whether the damage is apparent or not. By the time your roof damage is obvious, it may be too late to get the insurance carrier involved. Anytime you suspect that your roof may have been damaged, contact AIA for a free roof inspection.

Q: Does AIA carry liability insurance?

A: AIA, Inc. is certified, licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

Q: How much does a complete roof replacement cost?

A: All new roof replacements differ. We will provide you with an individualized estimate which will take into account the type of roofing material best suited for your home, and other factors. Contact us for a free roof inspection today!

Hail Damage FAQ

Hail Damage FAQ

Q: Will my insurance premiums go up?

A: No. Acts of nature such as hail damage are not counted against you and will not cause your premiums to go up.

Q: Is hail damage covered?

A: Yes. Insurance companies cover hail damage.

Q: What should I know about my insurance coverage?

A: You should find out if your roof has replacement cost coverage or actual cash value coverage. You should also find out the amount of your deductible.

Q: What is replacement cost coverage?

A: Replacement cost coverage is commonly referred to as RCV. It is a settlement based on the actual market cost to replace your roof. Replacement cost coverage typically is settled by a two-payment process. If you have replacement cost coverage, the amount that you actually spend to replace your roof is covered entirely by the insurance company. The only amount your insurance company will not pay is your deductible.

Q: What is actual cash value coverage?

A: Actual cash value coverage is commonly referred to as ACV. It is a settlement based on the actual market cost to replace your roof with depreciation subtracted. The depreciation is not recoverable. In this case you are financially responsible for your deductible and the depreciation.

Q: After my claim is filed what happens next?

A: The claims adjuster will contact you to set an appointment to come to your home and complete an inspection of the damage. We will gladly meet your adjuster for this inspection if you prefer. After the inspection is completed, the adjuster will issue a settlement based on their estimate. Initial settlements are based on ACV with your deductible subtracted. If you have RCV coverage the amount of depreciation taken is recoverable once the roof is installed.

Why trust your most valuable asset to any other roofing company? We offer exceptional workmanship, quality materials, help with insurance and the assurance that your roof replacement will be done right. Contact us at AIA today for an inspection of your roof.

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